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I am an experienced, articulate, and self-assured professional Executive Personal Assistant / Estate Manager available for work in the Northeast supporting an artist or high profile individual.

I use my intelligence, energy, and integrity to support the personal and professional passions of artists, executives, and high profile individuals. I safeguard their time and privacy, manage projects large and small, synthesize complex information, anticipate, plan, and follow through. I create order out of chaos and relieve them of distractions so they can stay focused on what matters most. Looking for a trusted advisor and proxy? Let’s get started.

I’ve worn a number of different hats throughout my career, as my résumé illustrates. I have a broad, practical toolkit of skills, all of which contribute to being an outstanding Executive Personal Assistant / Estate Manager, expert at managing daily stressors and demanding long-term projects. I bring Southern manners and New York resolve to every endeavor. I plan several steps ahead, anticipate needs, generate goodwill even in tough circumstances, learn something new from each project, and help teams to deliver results beyond expectations. I thrive in collaboration with smart, creative individuals on a mission and am easy to work with.

In addition to an excellent attitude and tremendous aptitude, I also bring valuable experience gained in NYC in the early 90s supporting Jazz icons Randy Weston and Don Cherry while at their booking agency and music legend David Byrne of the Talking Heads while at his record label. More recently, I’ve supported artists, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and executives in the photography, furniture design, book publishing, real estate investment, and technology worlds.

My clients, employers, and colleagues appreciate my diplomacy, business acumen, and wry sense of humor. I provide both confidentiality and transparency and I engage with respect and empathy. I have limitless hustle, impeccable organizational skills, and am highly adaptable to diverse personalities, shifting priorities, and pop-up deadlines. I keep my eyes on the prize and am able to navigate in complex political environments.

I excel at creating order out of chaos in the home, studio, and office. I am a fixer–constantly alert to sidestep pitfalls, solve problems when they do happen, and design a better approach for next time.

If you or someone you know is looking for an indispensable and versatile “right hand” with a light touch and a creative spark, I would be grateful for an introduction. I am that person. I am motivated, eager to contribute in a creative environment, and available to relocate within the Northeast.

Thank you.