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Throughout my career, I have worked closely with the senior leadership in a company, often tackling additional duties both in the company and in managing their private affairs. This has allowed me to gain expertise in almost every area of business operations as well as experience in property management, domestic staff leadership, and luxury lifestyle management. In business, I have significantly improved the bottom line in the areas of Human Resources, Finance, and Operations by developing effective policies and procedures, all while building desirable, positive company cultures. As an executive assistant, I have coordinated multiple events, arranged office remodeling, and orchestrated extensive international and domestic travel.

One thing that truly defines me is my commitment to professional development. I continually seek ways to expand my expertise and knowledge to become more valuable to my employers on multiple levels. This way, I am always ready to tackle any task. Even in areas where I have not had formal training yet, I utilize my research skills to solve any issue.

Personally, I bring Southern manners and New York resolve to every endeavor. I plan several steps ahead, generate goodwill even in tough circumstances, and thrive in collaborative environments. I have limitless hustle, impeccable organizational skills, and am highly adaptable to diverse personalities, shifting priorities, and pop-up deadlines. I provide both confidentiality and transparency, while maintaining a positive attitude in every situation. I believe in giving back to the community and have been involved in numerous non-profits. From training service dogs to coordinating the corporate community service initiatives, I am proud to help others.

Moving forward, I am seeking another rewarding position in the Northeast that will let me operate as the right-hand person, often serving as the bridge between the business office and the residential operations. I am available for travel and would welcome the opportunity to serve as a trusted advisor and proxy in personal, professional, or philanthropic functions.