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For over 15 years, I have served as an organized and multi-talented Executive Personal Assistant, providing direct support to entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, internationally-known musicians, and High Net Worth individuals. My talents are wide-reaching, especially in the key areas of property management, human resources, finance, travel/logistics planning, and estate operations. Combined with my ability to provide exceptional office support while managing the crucial elements of confidentiality and trust, I am able to serve as the bridge between the business office and the residential operations.

I am driven by an earnest desire to help others and amplify their potential. I operate best when I can work hand-in-hand with a visionary leader and in collaboration with a team, creating effective systems to manage everyday affairs. I am truly passionate about serving in a supportive role, driven to anticipate needs and solve problems no matter how complex the situation may be. I believe in lifelong learning to increase my effectiveness in the workplace, setting aspirational goals, and exceeding expectations.

Moving forward, I am seeking another rewarding position that will let me operate as the right-hand person, helping my principal stay focused on the crucial elements of their work and life. I am available for travel and would welcome the opportunity to serve as a trusted advisor and proxy in personal, professional, or philanthropic functions.