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I love averting pitfalls, solving complex problems, disrupting needless inefficiencies, and basically making the world an easier, happier place. Chaos, meet order, with a smile. Let’s do this!

For over 15 years, I have served as an effective Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, and Business Manager, providing direct support to ultra-high-net worth individuals (UHNWI), CEOs, entrepreneurs, and artists. My business acumen combined with my overriding commitment to standards of excellence, confidentiality, and trust, enable me to provide seamless “right hand” support for the discerning, visionary leader.

Areas of Expertise – Business Environment:
★ Management of short & long-term projects
★ Establishing & improving operational standards and scalable systems
★ Gatekeeping, liaison to personal and professional contacts
★ Human resources management, accounting, operations
★ Complex calendar management for ever-changing schedules

Areas of Expertise – Private Service:
★ International travel coordination
★ Luxury lifestyle management
★ Household & special collections management

On a personal level, I bring Southern manners and New York resolve to every endeavor. I always plan several steps ahead, work to generate goodwill for the Principal even in tough circumstances, and thrive in both self-directed and collaborative environments. I have limitless hustle, impeccable organizational skills, and am highly adaptable to diverse personalities, shifting priorities, and pop-up deadlines. I am driven to solve problems and maintain a positive attitude in every situation. I am a sponge for new information and better ways of doing things. I am caring, kind, funny, and calm under pressure.

Résumé [click to download]