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Renovation Wish List

There are way more renovation projects I’d like to do than available funds, so I’ll be doing some careful budgeting, prioritizing, and long-term planning. Here’s my initial wish list:

  • Replace furnace with central air
  • Solve for moisture in the crawl space
  • Demo walls between living room / dining room / kitchen
  • Raise the ceiling over the social side of the house up to the roof rafters
  • Pull up linoleum in the kitchen and carpeting in living room
  • New kitchen with some hand-me-downs and some new items
  • Convert window in back wall of kitchen to a door
  • Convert back stoop to laundry room
  • New bathroom with tiling I do myself
  • Use wood flooring from bathroom to weave old/new pieces together to backfill the holes left by the floor furnace opening and the removed walls
  • Sand and poly the wood floors
  • Paint the interior
  • Install shutters on all of the windows (except those under front porch?)
  • Install shutters or similar on front porch
  • Add a deck or porch on the back
  • Remove aluminum siding and likely re-side with Hardiplank

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