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Today was a doozy

I learned a LOT today.

This morning the house was inspected and found to have evidence of past termite & powder post beetle damage, but nothing too extensive or concerning. They’ll come back and treat on 8/30 and provide a 1 year warranty.

In bigger news, the Home Inspector came and providing some eye-opening insights into what cumulative deferred maintenance can look like.

Roofing: Before the Winter, the roof needs to be scraped and re-coated, with attention paid to areas of active leaks, open seams, and nail holes. Water is currently getting into the roof sheathing, rafter ends, and bearing plate, which are rotting. Evidence of active leaks.

Both chimneys have deteriorated and need to be reinforced (Tap Con Screws and metal lathe; butter it with Portland Cement). Cover the water heater flue opening with tented cover to keep water out, but air flowing. Can cover the other flue entirely, as it’s not in use.

Electrical: Need all new electrical service. Box has 125 amp service (not 200 amp as the Seller had thought) and evidence of a past fire. Rewire the panel, rewire the meter, new cabinet. 200 amp rain tight disconnect. New 200 amp breaker panel. To move the panel indoors would be more money. Need to get a quote to know how much.

Plumbing: At some point in the past, there had been a severe, long-term leak under the sink which rotted the floor joist ends and sill plate. The repaired PVC pipe has a leak at the joint and needs to be replaced. Brown (rust) water comes out of the pipes. Kitchen & Bath pipes need to be replaced, which is easily done with open floor joists in crawl space. Get a plumber to confer, but the main stack cast iron might be ok to keep.

Windows: The inspector agrees with me that the amount of effort and expense to try to repair, strip the lead paint, and repaint the old windows is not worth it. Replace instead.

Wood Flooring: Needs sanding.

Crawl Space: Not properly vented, no vapor barrier, mold/fungus, moss & ferns growing. Must do the plumbing and HVAC in the crawl space before laying down the vapor barrier.

Water Heater: Dates to 1995.

Home Inspection Report: Will be delivered by Friday morning, likely not before.

I’ve reached out to loads of contractors for estimates and will be scheduling appointments as fast as possible. It’s clear that my preliminary budget is blown and a serious rethink of the purchase price is needed.

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